Infinite Mana is an open world RPG with light sandbox features and glitch mechanics set in the immense magickal world of Arukea. It has a unique design that pays tribute to classic RPGs from the 8/16-bit eras through its style and subtle nods in gameplay, but with an emphasis on modern game design elements. It is a mix of newness and nostalgia that is lovingly crafted to evoke a sense of wonder which is seemingly gone from many RPGs nowadays. Every step has something new to discover and is designed to take you off guard, so expect the unexpected.




• Follow an engaging story full of mystery, humor, and magicks - or stray from the path and immerse yourself in the encyclopedic lore of the magickal world of Arukea.

• Challenge enemies in a classic battle system with a modern twist based on weaknesses and strengths with a variety of skills at your disposal.

• Explore an open world where you use skills and tools like the hookshot to pass obstacles, hunt rare monsters, and gather materials to create equipment, items, and food.

• Unlock 20+ Guises (classes) that equip your characters with new skills and traits that can be used both in battle and on the field.

• Acquire skills and knowledge through Guises and other means in a tabletop RPG-style proficiency system to pick pockets, learn languages, change the tide of conversation, find hidden treasures, and more!

• Utilize the Glitch powers of the Wanderer to mend or break elements and even denizens of Arukea. Imagine being inside a classic RPG and being in control of the code while you play the game - that's Infinite Mana.

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