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Infinite Mana is a 2.5D RPG with an emphasis on lore, exploration, and glitch mechanics set in the immense magickal world of Arukea. It has a unique design that pays tribute to classic RPGs from the 8/16-bit eras through its pixel art style and subtle nods in gameplay, but with an emphasis on modern game design and colorful visuals.

It is a mix of newness and nostalgia that is lovingly crafted to evoke a sense of wonder and discovery. Every step has something new to discover and is designed to take you off guard, so expect the unexpected.

Choose from 20 different Guises (classes), each with their own unique abilities that can be used both in battle and on the field. Learn languages, steal from the unsuspecting, talk to animals, add to your ever-expanding Collectivus, and more.
Through your travels you may notice glitches. Or not. This is totally normal. As the Wanderer, you may even discover a way to use these glitches to your advantage.
Enjoy your journey in Arukea!





Experience the first chapter of the game and...

  • - Escape from an airship!
  • - Experience 6 different Guises (the job classes in IM) to interact with both in battle and out in the world.
  • - Harness your glitch powers to affect the world either positively or negatively.
  • - Catch fish, collect unique objects, and pet many animals.
  • - Learn new languages and proficiencies to interact with the world and speak to people, animals, and monsterfolk alike.


A colorful pixel art style in 2.5D, set in a vast world. Follow an engaging story with branching dialogue paths full of mystery, humor, and magick - or stray from the path and immerse yourself in the encyclopedic lore of the magickal world of Arukea.


Explore a non-linear world where you use skills and tools like the hookshot to pass obstacles, hunt rare monsters, and gather materials to create equipment, items, and food.

Battle a host of deadly foes with a modernized old-school-like turn-based battle system where you can exploit enemy weaknesses, buff allies, and debuff enemies with menacing skills, powerful magic, and summoned creatures that help in battle.

Utilize the Glitch powers of the Wanderer to mend or break elements and even the denizens of Arukea. Imagine being inside a classic RPG and being able to tamper with the code while you play the game - that's Infinite Mana.



Troix Jager - An older vou gan with a heart of gold. He journeys alongside the hero in attempt to restore his memories and find his way home.


Fyra Nyrande - A plucky, warm-hearted elfin with a knack for blowing stuff up. She found herself in an unknown place after falling through a Rift and meets with the hero and their companions, becoming a part of their adventure.

Ryuk Ayidar - A kind and adventurous ayida who yearns to explore the world. Meeting her new companions has been a wish fully granted.

Ryuk Ayidar - A kind and adventurous ayida who yearns to explore the world. Meeting her new companions has been a wish fully granted.


Arbiter Rhytma - An officer of the Zircadian Empire, sent to nip at the heels of the hero and their companions. Though she serves the Empire, she seems to have ulterior motives... what are they?


Zwei Aryetti - A fiery woman with an unknown past. She also accompanies the hero, hoping to restore her memories. But was she someone she still wants to be?


The Pirate Queen, Tamatti - A rough & tumble kinda gal who was once known as the Pirate Queen of No Man's Sea. Events led her to losing her crew and set her on a path of redemption with her new allies.


Ashdla "Ash" Perennia - A straight-shooting, wise-cracking tyrzal with a questionable past. He wishes to see an end to the wrong-doings of the Zircadian Empire for good.


Hex - An unusual creature that first appeared to the Wanderer in a dream and continues to pull them into an unusual world where nothing makes sense.

Art by The Everlasting Ash. Infinite Mana is copyright Wonderlust Games ©2013-2023.